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  • HackerBoxes 0009: Virtual Worlds

    Thank You, I have tried Putty to the same result. I even tried controlling just the bluetooth adapter using the Blinkies sketch from and saw the same kind of port busy message. I have wired up the adapter both with and without a voltage divider on the bluetooth RX pin. I have even tried powering the bluetooth adapter off of a separate 5 V supply, I always seem to get the same response. (I even purchased a new adapter from amazon thinking I had fried the RX pin with 5V.) It's like windows doesn't know what to do with the device and stops communicating. I wondered if it was windows 10, but my windows 7 machine is the same, except I don't get ports that are clearly attached to the bluetooth adapter. Again, Thanks for the quick reply.

    Hello,This is my first box, and I am struggling with the Bluetooth section, I have used two different Windows computers and can't communicate over serial with the device. I can pair with the HC-05, but the serial port associated with it is always "busy" it also looks like the device disconnects instantaneously. What information do you need to point me in theright direction?

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