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swinter-15 years ago
I made brownies last week from this website: http://www.davidlebovitz.com/2011/03/chocolate-mint-brownies/#more-4510
The recipe calls for York Peppermint patties, they came out awesome...
Since I am a lover of Mounds, I thought how awesome would these be with Mounds instead? I came across your recipe and made a batch to use instead of York patties. They are currently in the oven and I'll let you know how they turned out! Thanks for the recipe! I'm an Atlanta/Savannah transplant living in Seattle.
Sweet. Blue Sun--if only we'd actually found out what the hell that is...
SpinWard (author) 8 years ago
MADE: Camping stove with only fuel and paper towels. I used Viva paper towels. They are alot thicker. I used 12 layers because I just folded 3 paper towles in 4ths. I flipped over a big Walmart coffee can. I had a nice dent in the bottom just big enough for the paper disk. Used the bottom I cut out of a smaller can for the "cover-lid" I used another coffee can and filled it with water. I had to use HEET. When the fire went out, the water was really steaming and there were bubbles on the side of the can. I'll try making dehydrated alcohol next for it. NEXT: I'm going to try to use the coffee can as a wind screen/storage can. If I can get enough holes in the bottom for the air to come in, it would be great. I destroyed a bottle opener with the pointy end already on the tough wal-mart can. I'll find my small camp pot for the water.
SpinWard (author) 8 years ago
MADE: PlayDoh. GREAT instructable. Great consistency. Smells nice.
SpinWard (author) 8 years ago
Made: marshmallow shooter. My co-worker needed 3 made and found them for $10. I made her 3 and one for my niece, nephew and son. A total of 6 for less than $5. Those little marshmellows really fly!! That shooter just begs to be modified and decorated. I looked at that website mmgunworks.com. Very inspiring!! I'm going to make one into a E11 blaster!!
SpinWard (author) 8 years ago
Made: Pumpkin pie squares. they were great. A friend brought them over for thanksgiving. A change I might make next time is less milk and maybe another egg. they were a bit soft on the top and maybe the topping will be crunchier without all the liquid. Just a thought.
SpinWard (author) 8 years ago
MADE: Ladder Golf game. The materials at Lowe's was $13.73. The bag I bought at WalMart was less than $10. The golf balls were $6 for 12 balls. So for a game that could cost 50-80, I came out with a SET for less than $30. All I used was a hack saw for the PVC pipe, a sponge sander, and an old clampy table thing. i was done in less than 2 hours, from drilling out the golf balls to putting it together.
SpinWard (author) 8 years ago
MADE: Cool Little miniature stove. Putting the 2 halves is a pain in the butt! Found instructs on using a Guinness can for the bottom, it's a bit wider. Definitely have to preheat it! You can't see it burn in the daylight. Going to make several and use metal camp mugs, the Heet burns very clean.
SpinWard (author) 8 years ago
I'm going to use this as sort of a journal. I'll post what I've actually made and possible changes. Thanks for reading!

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