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hey, in your airsoft mine, how does the washer attach the spring?
~KGB~6 years ago
do you like splintercell games???
LoneWolf6 years ago
Did you draw your profile image yourself?
That's a good picture of Atticus. Did you draw it?
Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)  bassclarinet236 years ago
 Thanks! Yes, it was for a school project. 
Well, it's good.
PKTraceur7 years ago
Hey Splinter! Can you help me on some geocaching? It seems like a great thing for a weekend or similar. But if I am to make my own cache, what material for a container should I use? How can I find the exact coordinates while making a cache?, (Exact to the thousandths place, NEWays....) what does TFTC mean? Thanks For That Cache? TYOP? Take Your Own Pen? Any other acronyms I should know? Thanks in advanced! -PKT
Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)  PKTraceur7 years ago
Gladly! The best materials to use are ammo boxes and containers called "Lock-and-Lock containers. Other common caches are bison tubes and black magnetic nanos. You can camouflage these containers any way you like but some people get creative, disguising them as common, ordinary things. I'm not exactly sure how you can obtain the coordinates without a GPS, but you could try placing them near some kind of landmark and find the coordinates on Google Maps.

I found my first 20 caches without a GPSr, it's actually really easy to do. Just copy the coordinates from the cache page and paste them into Google Maps. Take a screenshot of the area and try to match up the arial view with what you see when you arrive. You could do the same with this map (overlaid with cache locations, I don't know if it's members only though).

You got those two right! There's also TFTF (thanks for the find) and TFTH (thanks for the hunt). Another common one is FTF, which means First To Find. My favorite is Muggle, which is a person who is unaware of geocaching (make sure they don't spot you opening a cache!).
Here is a list of all the terms:

Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)  Spl1nt3rC3ll7 years ago
Also, if you take something from a cache, replace it with something of equal or greater value. That way there's always something to trade.
What is a bison tube? -PKT
Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)  PKTraceur7 years ago
A bison tube is a small, cylindrical container with a screw on cap that is attached to a key ring. It's easy to hide by hanging it from objects like branches.
Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)  Spl1nt3rC3ll7 years ago
Took me forever to find my first one. I was literally staring at it for the longest time before I saw it.
I signed up and looked for a few by me, and there's one right where me and my buds hang out. Weird, it's a few blocks away, taking a camera, and pencil and notebook be back soon.
Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)  mg0930mg6 years ago
 Cool, hope you enjoy the hunt! Show me a picture of the cache, if you can. When I first found out about caching, I was amazed to find that some of the caches were in places that I'd walked by every day!

(The images above are pictures of caches I've found, I forgot to mention that in my original post.)
We didn't see it, but are going back tomorrow.