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  • SrGale commented on Natalina's instructable Build a Soundproof Wall11 months ago
    Build a Soundproof Wall

    HiA couple of notes. Very good article. You can improve on the isolation by using two different thickness drywall sheets. The 5/8" and a 1/2" would work better than two 5/8" sheets as the have different mechanical resonance frequencies, thereby passing and or blocking different frequencies.The green glue is amazing. Roxul Safe and Sound would work better than regular insulation.For ceilings, it would work well. I just did my basement ceilings. Filled joists with two layers of Safe and Sound, then drywall. Worked well.Even better, though I didn't do on this house as I plan to move, would be to us RSIC clips to completely isolate drywall by hanging it.

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