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Thanks for subscribing!(:
St Jimmy (author)  CamillaLuvzMusic5 years ago
Yeah, you too!
O.M.G. green day ftw<3
St Jimmy (author)  CamillaLuvzMusic5 years ago
Yeah! Have you heard Awesome as f**k?
YEEEEEEAH xD Well no. Bits and pieces. I've heard She b/c my friend says the first time Billie Joe says "she"it sounds AMAZING. And I have to admit, it's true(: anyways then I got green day tap tap revenge, and a few of the songs from that are live xD hbu?
St Jimmy (author)  CamillaLuvzMusic5 years ago
I've got American Idiot, Bullet In A Bible, and Awesome as F**k and I went to their concert for the Awesome as f**k tour. Also I have all their music apart from dookie on my ipod
-OHMYGODSOJEALOUS- So you went to Japan? Or live there?
St Jimmy (author)  CamillaLuvzMusic5 years ago
Well, no. I saw the last concert for the tour in Auckland, New Zealand, where I live. Also, if you look at the song list on the back of the album itself, only one song was recorded in Japan, but the video is in Japan as well. Did you mean the video?
Yea I meant the video, my bad! But still, that's awesome! They toured in Maryland last summer I think, and my friend saw them. Fingers crossed they come back around soon! But I heard they're in the studio...
St Jimmy (author)  CamillaLuvzMusic5 years ago
Really? If they make a new album, it would be awesome
happyjo5 years ago
hey! :D
St Jimmy (author)  happyjo5 years ago
Well hey, first subscriber! Frankly, I'm surprised!
I was your first subber? hmmm... Well anywhoo how are you?
St Jimmy (author)  happyjo5 years ago
I'm good. OMG you like studio ghibli films? If I was a girl, I'd fight you for Howl