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  • Arduino + 2 Servos + Thumbstick (joystick)

    Hey, great tutorials, thank you for posting them. I'm building a DIY camera pan/tilt head. I've applied your mouse control code and this works decently well, as long as I practice landing the ending position perfectly. The joystick solution is viable but my joystick returns to center. Normally a good thing but how could I have the last signal looped when I release the stick? as In, if the signal is moving above center it reads only those signals at it's current state or higher, until I drop the stick below center at which point the servo begins moving downward.

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  • Standwatei commented on biomech75's instructable Arduino + 2 servos + mouse2 years ago
    Arduino + 2 servos + mouse

    i also got an error on line 11. did you ever resolve this by chance?

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