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  • StarFreedom commented on seamster's instructable Stuffed Hobbes (with pattern)2 years ago
    Stuffed Hobbes (with pattern)

    My 27 year old brother is a HUGE Calvin and Hobbes fan, and when I was struggling to think of a Christmas gift for him this year, one of the topics I searched for was Calvin and Hobbes. He already owns the full box set of the comics in book form, and I found relatively little in the way of C&H related gifts. During my searching I happened to find this page and decided to try making one of these for him. Here is my result, and I have to say I'm very pleased with how it came out!! I made the pattern about 50% larger, which is why he looks bigger than the one pictured in the guide. And the box shown in the picture is what I'll be gifting him in. :)Thank you so much for this wonderful pattern, and for helping me to make an amazing personalized gift for my brother!! ^.^

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