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  • State50 commented on Josehf Murchison's instructable Rebuilding Keyed Drill Chucks1 month ago
    Rebuilding Keyed Drill Chucks

    I tried taking the chuck off an old, Makita 9V cordless drill. I removed the center screw holding the chuck to the shaft, but couldn't lock the rotor to unscrew the chuck from the shaft.

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  • Indestructible Thumb Detecting Shop Stein

    All the oil containers I've seen have gone out of their way to print "Not to be used for potable water". Even if you could get rid of all the 18 billionths of a part contaminant per liter of drinkable fluid, the mild steel is problematic, and a food-safe coating is problematic. Sure it looks great, and is useful for cleaning paintbrushes or soaking dirty parts in solvent, or putting on a stove with water and testing the cut-in temperature of the auto's thermostatic fan switch, but for me at least, it's too risky to use for drinking purposes.

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