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  • How to fix power button on BSNL Broadband Router UT300R2U

    08th June, 2016Dear rsohal,Thanks for this article. I had exactly the same problem with my Post Office Netgear Modem. There are a few small holes in the top switch which allowed me to poke an exploratory pin in to find where to jam it in the on position. There were a round hole, a rectangular one and a triangular one. The round one worked, so I screwed a small machine screw into it. Now the switch is permanently in the on position and works fine. I can use a switched, surge protected three way socket to switch it on and off or just unplug the power adapter.I was looking for an article to explain how these switches work - how does one test to see which terminals to solder? Or are they all made the same so that it is always the same terminals which require shorting?

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