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  • StevenH44 commented on Harlan Whitman's instructable Gravity Bike1 year ago
    Gravity Bike

    Howzit mate, I've literally just dome that today and it works great. It helps if you have a full set of pegs, take the seat mount that exists and there should be an Easy way to bolt on pegs. The best way to build something is build it then iron out the problems

    Made one out of an old bmx I spent too much money on and never used. Quick question, how shallow of a head tube angle do you think you can get before the wheel bites too much?The bmx fork does have good rake so I'm joking that will compensate. I've used a mtb stem and bars and placed them under the head tube to reduce angle to ideally stabilise it but it's pretty flat. Just wondering what your opinion is

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