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you guys are awesome! *kawaii face*meow

Bigev6 years ago
By posting here, I avoid Haunted_Lady's wrath.

It appears, by your join date and solitary two comments, you created this account to back me up on that mini flame war with HL. For this I thank you for your kind words and observations I didn't feel like writing. Yes the capitalization, spelling, and grammar occurred to me too. As stated above, this would be a response on the appropriate page, but I don't feel like opening old wounds.

TL;DR / PS Thank you, and good luck on Ibles. Most of us don't bite.
StickStoneBone (author)  Bigev6 years ago
Thank you for the warm welcome Bigev, I've lurked on the website, making many instructables for some time, but only recently created a handle.

I appreciate your Excellence AND your Chicken Hat. I will be making one soon.