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  • StijnS11 commented on elicom's instructable How to make a Magic Mirror1 year ago
    How to make a Magic Mirror

    You can find the results of my internship in the link at the bottom. You'll find my end presentation and paper. Both contain pictures. Language: dutch, Subject smartmirrorNow I want to make one at home for myself. At my internship we tried different samples from different suppliers, because none of them where ideal. I though why not ask other People's experience. Back then my mentor provided the materials, so i don't know the suppliers. If I want to i can contact him.pHere is the link:

    Hello, I had to make one as a school project. My problem was that the mirror effect wasn't that good. I have tried different suppliers but the two way mirrors where kind of darker than normal mirrors. Am i doing something wrong or should i just accept the reflection isn't as bright as a normal mirror.

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