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Crafty stuff here! Gongrats!

rajeevcool75511 months ago

Good one. Thanks for following me.

jacksmithcool811 months ago

Sounds good. Thanks for following me.

Shankari156211 months ago

Thanks for sharing with us..

jthomson300011 months ago

Great work. Thanks for following me.

Pantheranat2011 months ago

Appreciate your talent. Keep going. Thank you for following me.!!!!

danialbell511 months ago

Good thought has shared with us thank you for sharing. Nice work. !!!

creone1 year ago
Thank You for Your Instructables!
k, i only have dial up it will not load videos i'm out in the stix no other internet here :(
Stormdrane (author)  1KUSTOMLEATHER1 year ago
A knot tying friend has this photo tutorial you can try.
k, thx greatly appreciate the tutorial!!
Do you have instructable 4 a paracord monkey fist i dont see a search box maybe because i have a free account??
Stormdrane (author)  1KUSTOMLEATHER1 year ago
I haven't put up an instructable for tying a monkey's fist, but do have a YouTube video tutorial.
cpace2 years ago
Great projects, your Instructables are great for a beginner like me.
taydt2 years ago
I had to share some of my projects inspired by your blog and instructables. The watchband was my first project and will probably be redone in a cobra knot soon. The cobra knot hat band was next, I tied it on a loop and got it right the first time. My new flashlight needed some accouterments, so I fashioned a turkshead to fancy it up and decided to make a holster from paracord rather than leather. Playing around, I made a ring of cobra knots on a loop, like I did for the hat band, and added an s-biner to clip it to my beltloop. Finally, I want to do something with my pocket watch. I first tried tying a turkshead around it with an inch of cobra leading to an s-biner to clip it to my beltloop, but I was afraid that it would fall out of the turkshead. So, I decided to make a traditional fob using #18 nylon crochet thread and the cobra knot. I think it turned out great.
hat band.jpgknot projects.jpg