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  • Subrahmanyam Gadepalli commented on deba168's instructable DIY OFF GRID SOLAR SYSTEM2 years ago

    One of the possible mistakes any Solar enthusiast makes is to invert the DC power generated by Solar Photovoltaic panels to 220 or 110 Votls AC. When you do it, you lose half the efficiency. On the other hand, if the solar power generated is stored in a battery and used in the same voltage as it is stored, by having DC appliances, the economies are pretty good. Only problem is that you have to get these appliances anew, more over they are not that easily available off the shelf. At least, I am using a 70 watt panel, a charge controller, a 90 ah battery, two LED tube lights of 10 watts, and one pedestal fan of 22 W, all working on 12 V DC for nearly last four years, without hitch.

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