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    A Nicer Saw Handle

    Sue-denim (author)Reply2017-09-25Please don't take this comment as a criticism, I think what you have done is wonderful but the only thing I would point out is the fact that you have copied the same hand shape as the plastic one. whilst working for 15 years in a Victorian Museum I was only allowed to use wooden handled saws, very soon after starting there I noticed that there was one major design change in the hand shape of the handle, I also noticed that I could work with a saw for prolonged periods without getting cramping in my hand.The basic shape that fits in your palm is still the same and has not altered in generations but the hole where your fingers go is now convex not concave as all older wooden saws used to be. Compare This. . .

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  • Sue-denim commented on gadgetjim's instructable Repair a Broken Toshiba Laptop Hinge8 months ago
    Repair a Broken Toshiba Laptop Hinge

    The best way I found to do this was to follow roughly the main parts of this intractable but instead of using the coupling nut as shown look up "Binding Screws" I purchased four 5mm long , drilled the case as shown passed the nut through from outside and fixed the hinge back in place using the screws supplied with the binding screws. it makes a very neat and tidy job and if the nuts are painted with a matching dab of paint they become almost is an example of a binding nut. fixing Sue-Denim.

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