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Sun Gear (author) 7 years ago
BEEP BEEP BEEPComputer initiated.
hey! what is it u said you wanted me to try!
there was the rpg and a mine
ok..... i got a couple of mines (and a new one coming). im also working on pyrotechnic mines utilizing hydrogen gas instead of fireworks. if you could go into more detail about the stuff u want and more spesifics that would be nice. i hade a rocket but it didn't work to well.
hydrogen!? sounds complicated. i'll send you the designs i made.
Sun Gear (author) 7 years ago
this is the best crane ever! i"ll post an ible(for those who don"t know yet "ible" is short for "instructables")later. muhahaha i shall make you wait foreeevvvveerrrrr... well at least when i get some free time. until then, enjoy the video.
sup vernors, this is the airsoft guru and i just wanted to let u no i got some new instructables coming soon, 2 airsoft shotguns!!! just wanted to let u no im gonna try to publish them today so they should be on sometime this weekend. im also tryin to work on an airsoft rocket launcher to. it might be awile b4 that one though. have fun with the shotguns!
Keith-Kid8 years ago

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