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    Fried Ramen & Eggs

    I have been making this since the 80's when my children were little. My Mother-In-Law would use leftover egg noodles to make eggs and noodles for breakfast the next day or for lunch or a snack for her boys. She told me it was a German recipe, I was not sure if she was tilling me the truth till I met a man who made the same recipe only he used Macaroni and said that it was a German recipe. We ate a lot of Ramen type noodles so I decided to see how using them to make eggs & noodles. Everyone loved it! I found if I boiled the noodles 2 minutes instead of 3 minutes the noodles cooked up and crisped up better. I do not add the seasoning packet to the noodles after they are cooked, I add it to the scrambled eggs, (but not the whole packet, that's to salty) and scramble away or I season the eggs with just salt & pepper or whatever seasoning I prefer. I cook the eggs & noodles something like a frittata and sometimes I add onions, mushrooms, etc... It has been such a big hit in my family all my children make it to this day, and making it their way!

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