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    CURE Strep Throat (at Home!)

    Ok, gonna throw in my 2 cents. Please don't bother commenting on my post, I won't reply or even see it since I am turning off comments to this post. While I agree that strep throat is very serious. I DO think that you should take antibiotics for it. I also believe along with the rest of the medical community that these will not work for much longer. (Google mcr-1 bacteria) The end is nigh. IF we don't start to explore PREVENTIVE measures and early treatments then we will ALL be in sad shape. Stop haranguing the poor author of this post and praise him for giving you an alternative. Trust me, you will need it soon.This really works best if you don't let it become a problem, gargle with a little (shot glass worth) of ac vinegar mixed with another shots worth of water every day. Take probiotics or eat naturally fermented foods every day and make sure you have sufficient vitamin D, take a multi, eat lots of plant-based protein and don't fill your body with toxins so that your liver has to go into overtime. Drink WATER, not soda and for heaven's sake ditch the antibiotic, GMO, hormone laden beef, chicken, animal products, and dairy. Eat less of it and pony up for higher quality food, or here's a thought, go VEGAN (see china study) - dirt cheap lentils, pulses, TVP (non GMO) Learn to batch cook once a week and then reheat and or assemble meals in 5-10 min each night. Google Happy Herbivore meal plans. Science behind Apple Cider Vinegar and strep throat- (must use unpasteurized, unfiltered and with the "Mother") The live bacter in the AC Vinegar is a natural enemy of strep (Google acetic acid bacteria)- the garlic is antibacterial- google garlic as an antibiotic- and cayenne kills quite a lot- google cayenne + meat preservation in hot climates.

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