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Feb. 11, 2009
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  • Suslee commented on MiiBooth's instructable Make your own charcoal at home (Video)1 month ago
    Make your own charcoal at home (Video)

    I have pecan and maple branches.

    Can this be done with downed tree branches? I have a lot of debris in my yard come spring and I've been hauling it to the curb for city pickup and disposal.

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  • Suslee commented on mikeasaurus's instructable DIY spray paint6 months ago
    DIY spray paint

    I have a bedroom that is paneled with 2" slats. I want to paint it as a room with dark oak floor, walls, and ceiling is like a cave. I painted a section with a paint sample and the color is nice, but the grooves are impossible to get paint into with brush or roller. I think your idea will save the day. I will spray all the grooves first, then use a roller to finish. Time consuming, yes, but the cave room will at last become a place to rest in, not to hurry out of before the monsters in the cave attack.

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