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    Make Garden Soil from ALMOST any Dirt

    So my husband built me a very nice raised garden bed so I could have room for my vegetables to grow. Since the size of it was much larger than my previous garden bed, he purchased "fill dirt". I had no idea what fill dirt was until I arrived home and noticed that it has a lot of rocks and some sand and bits of clay. I didn't want to be appear ungrateful & decided that I sometimes worry over nothing. So I went ahead and transplanted all of my vegetables & then planted my remaining seeds. I'm worried that my 12 tomato plants (which had tomatoes growing) are going to die along with everything thing else that 've transplanted. I did add fertilizer to each of the spots for the plants. Am I worrying for nothing or should I try to move the plants for a third time to a new spot with regular garden soil? Ugh...this was the first time in 3 years that I decided to grow vegetables...The picture of the cabbage is where all of the other plants were previously. Have I just screwed up any chances of having vegetables this year or is there still hope? Thank you in advance everyone for your advice and helpful thoughts.

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