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sunshiine4 years ago
I really enjoyed ready your blog! Have a splendorous day!sunshiine
Sweet Fancy (author)  sunshiine4 years ago
Thanks Sunshiine! If you liked my blog, then you should consider following my facebook page. I'm so much more active on it :) www.facebook.com/sweetfancydesigns have a beautiful day!
Thanks, but I don't use facebook. Instructables and email is my only stuff actually. Thanks for the reply though!
Sweet Fancy (author)  sunshiine4 years ago
Ah, I see. It's not for everyone I guess. I'm going to start being more active on here and on my blog though so I'm sure I'll see you around :)
Happy crafting!
Thanks! By the way it will pay off to be active here. there are a lot of possibilities and exposure to this site especially when you get featured. Sometimes instructables gets put in their mass mailing list and ebooks and on their face-book page. If I had an Etsy shop, Utube account, or blog I would definitely be more active here and use this as my primary account. In the beginning it may take longer to get established but in my opinion the action is here! Thanks for subbing! Sunshiine