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  • SwethaJ commented on ElFantastic0's instructable Make a Well-insulated Travel Cooler1 year ago
    Make a Well-insulated Travel Cooler

    Can you use this method to make a delivery bag? Maybe a large regular bag lined with Mylar ice packs? Would that work? Or is there any other to make a cooler delivery bag?

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  • Leather Binding a Paperback: A New and Improved Guide

    Hello, thank you for posting such a helpful post! I've been trying to do one myself, but the cardboard I got doesn't seem to have a grain direction?! It's 2mm thick and it's rectangular. And it's easier to fold along the shorter length, BUT when I cut another rectangle (with the shorter length of the original board as the longer length of this one) it becomes easy to fold along the shorter length of the new rectangle. I'm totally lost on what to do :-| :(Also, I want to make a fabric bound book, specifically silk. So does the same formula apply? Or do I have to get some specific cloth? Or is there something I should know?!

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