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    DIY Super Electromagnet

    Got it! Strong enough to lift itself using a hammer like in the video.Here's a couple photos of my setup, and my ad-hoc DC power supply to run it without blowing the wall fuse.It's a 12 V rectified DC power supply using about $15 of Radioshack stuff I had in my office.1. Connect the white wire from a wall plug adapter one of the two black input wires of a Radioshack 120VAC to 12.6VAC transformer (about $12).2. Connect the black wire from the wall plug to a 4A 125V 5x20mm fuse ($0.50) between and then to the other black input on the Radioshack transformer (the black input on the same side as the first black input above).2. Connect the two yellow output wires to the "~" inputs on a Radioshack 400V 8A full wave bridge rectifier ($3). 3. Connect the positive (+) output of the bridge rectifier to one of the primary coil electrodes on the microwave transformer/electromagnet. 4. Connect the negative (-) output of the bridge rectifier to the other electrode on the primary coil of the electromagnet coil.5. Plug in your AC plug to a power strip with an on/off switch.6. Switch it on and enjoy the Electromagnetism! 7. Study Physics and do science!!!

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