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  • SylviaA13 commented on rcampbell096's instructable Turn off Touchpad on Windows 101 year ago
    Turn off Touchpad on Windows 10

    THANK YOU!!! are a GENIUS! Ever since I upgraded to windows10, my browser would zoom in and out all by itself. This zooming problem has been vexing! After searching the web for an answer, I found something telling me to disable the zoom swipe on my touchpad. I leave my touchpad off...always have...hate touchpads! But when I changed to windows10, it became active and I didn't know it. Then, I couldn't figure out how to disable it without uninstalling it. I got as far as seeing additional mouse options, but figured the mouse wasn't the problem so never clicked on it. Now I am sooooo happy not to have this problem. The mystery is solved!

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