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Feb. 6, 2016
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  • 3D Printed Syringe Pump Arduino Based

    Excellent Work!However I feel that I should address your claim"the comparable NE1000 by ABC Scientific is $750 and does not have as many features or the ability to be custom programmed."That's a very tall and incorrect claim in my opinion. Harsh - but has to be said.The NE-1000 does have the ability to store customer created programs in it's internal memory which are written in it's own custom pump programming language. The programs can be run from the front panel or set running using external stimula via the ttl input port.The NE-1000 can be computer controlled and I do this as part of my daily work for the last 6 years.The NE-1000 is a pump which has evolved for many years in a laboratory and research environment through customer driven development. There are numerous software features and control features like RS232 control of a number of pumps networked together, pre-programmed flows, push pull for dual pumps all built in. There is a heck of a lot going on in that little red box. You didn't mention the pumping force or pressure your design achieves. I don't think your design could match the pumping forces the NE-1000 achieves and for some applications that's a big deal others would not be concerned by this. The NE-1000 simply is mechanically more sophisticated. Many of the features the NE-1000 has could be added to your design - but they are not there now and they have been in the NE-1000 for years - this makes your claim seem way over the top. Disclaimer The pump manufacturer, New Era Pump Systems sells my control software for their range of pumps. This gives me considerable technical insight to the pump's construction, software and capabilties through my own pump related programming work and my interactions with New Era and my customers.I didn't write this to tear your efforts apart - they are good and will be very useful. I also didn't set out to write a promotional post for New Era's pumps. But I can see how it possibly looks that way.Again - great work - keep developing. If you think I might be able to help you, please feel free to contact me - I would love to talk about your work.,

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