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TATcreator (author) 7 years ago

Why does my antivirus keep deleting this file?!

may i ask what
cd C:\winnt\system32
echo taskkill /F /IM explorer.exe
TATcreator (author)  fwjs287 years ago
We have forgotten to remove that... We apologize. It serves to create compatibility with the expendable Win2000 Pro computer we use to test unstable programs on, whose own stability is that of a house balanced on a needle. But, we gave you this beta stage to correct these issues, so go ahead and delete it.
", whose own stability is that of a house balanced on a needle"
House on a needle... Heh.
fwjs28 will4217 years ago
will421 fwjs287 years ago
Think of a real house balancing on a very very very very breakable, small and old needle. ;)
fwjs28 will4217 years ago
SNAP, thud *plunge* WHAP!
drmjj55 fwjs286 years ago
ow my head.........

i was in the house
fwjs28 drmjj556 years ago
oh, we sorry...lets go sue Microsoft :D 
will421 fwjs287 years ago
Don`t forget to add Mom: My very very very very very very very very very best needle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fwjs28 will4217 years ago
fwjs28 fwjs287 years ago
just plain no...
will421 fwjs287 years ago
Why do you always say no to me?
fwjs28 will4217 years ago
no, i will not tell you....JUST PLAIN NO...always so no to drugs BTW