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Just a bit of an update into your delusion about my boards. I decided to see what it would cost to make LED Riser boards to eliminate the vertical wiring. This means I need 64 risers. About 16 fit onto a panel a bit smaller than the base board for the RGB cube. This means I would need 4 boards just for the risers. The 4 boards cost less than 1 RGB base board. Why? SINGLE sided, NO through plating and no silk screen. So, although you are still completely delusional about the so called profit on my RGB Base boards, I can at least understand where someone that never ever obviously made boards like mine could come to a totally uneducated conclusion that I should be able to make my boards for less. Ya, if it were possible to make the board 100% single sided with absolutely no VIAs, no through plating, no silk screening, and no coloured solder mask - it is theoretically possible to have the board made for a lot less assuming I didn't have to make the board 4X the size to allow the traces to all fit on 1 side, which would bring the cost right back up to where it is now and totally defeat the purpose.

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while you are on your high horse, why don't you complain to the manufacturers of the DM13A chips that they don't share their design for the chip so we can make our own. It's as logical as all the BS you have been spouting so far.

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again you are still deflecting just share your layout with people that's all how is that bs im asking you to share info with people on a site that's about sharing info and ideas why is that so hard and again if this total bs line from u is true "You cannot.
Even if you could, the design is beyond anything you could fabricate at home or in a college or university facility" then giving out your layout would only prove your point as well as no one would be able to produce because apparently you are the only one who knows someone in china that can produce such intricate marvels of science that your circuit board seems to be why is every response from you have nothing do with what im confronting you about

just to clear things up I no longer care what u charge I don't care how much you spend to get them made I want you to not bs people with "You cannot.
Even if you could, the design is beyond anything you could fabricate at home or in a college or university facility" and give him what he asked for or tell the truth that you just don't want to give out your layout can you be honest with yourself and do one of those two things and not respond with other useless facts and comments

If I was out to make money, I'd sell the boards for a lot less IF THAT WAS POSSIBLE, and I'd buy the parts cheap, and mark THOSE up instead by selling a complete "kit". I have everyone buy the parts from the parts seller directly who is capable of shipping FOR FREE and at the same price they would sell to ME for. that is IF profit was my game - which it is not. You are a troll who has never ever obviously in their entire lifetime ever investigated what it costs to make boards this large in quantities of 10-20 at a time. As for the shipping, I charge EVERYONE WORLDWIDE the same rate. That means you can have the package fully tracked to the US or Canada for the same rate I charge to ship to Australia or Japan. Sometimes it costs less, sometimes more, but it balances out. Go out and get some HARD FACTUAL NUMBERS or screw off.

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I just finally read your message I can sum up all your bs with ...

if you really aren't about profit then you would have no problem releasing your board layout upon request instead of shoveling bs like "you couldn't possibly replicate it blah blah blah" and using this site to make a project solely on purchasing an overpriced pcb from you and only you. if you cant find a cheaper avenue to get the boards produced or don't want to buy more at one time to get the cost down maybe someone else is willing to invest. some one might even be able to find a better dealer than who ever you are using but you already know all this and that's why you wont share that info. so rather than responding to me with all your bs about quantity of boards how much you pay and blah blah blah just share your info when people ask and don't bs them keep in mind what started this whole thing is when I read your comment to someone that asked for your layout and your response to him was the biggest pile of bs if you had just been honest I wouldn't have liked the truth but it wouldn't have pissed me off enough to comment . stop marketing your product on site that's about sharing info or just share your info its as simple as that so unless your next response is a link to you giving that guy your layout or a link in your instructable that has it updated with it im just going to ignore your bs response

Not that I need to prove anything to you....but...

board cost.jpg
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your not fooling me software? really was only needed once all the pre production costs get paid for after a few sales they don't go into factoring of every sale after and 22$ SHIPPING COSTS IS A BIT MUCH im done with the subject keep on marketing your bs on share friendly site more power to you and if all those things are true why didn't you give the guy download of the layout when he asked why don't you have it available for download to begin with what would it matter if it cant be reproduced again my point isn't about your efforts its making a tutorial based around selling your overpriced board and now I have a problem with your bs reasoning behind it when we both know whats up prove me wrong and and make your board open source and everyone will know how expensive it would be to recreate and market so we can all appreciate your hard work and know you are just trying to put out a tutorial based on education and not profit

You wanna post BS on me? then I invite you to have your instructors of ANY university outside of Hong Kong or Japan to contact me and tell me they have facilities that CAN produce ANY of my board designs. Otherwise, keep your BS comments to yourself as they themselves are BS!!!!!!!!

I'd also like to point out that the board you found online is 4X the surface area of the board for the project that you are looking at. You are quoting the price for the RGB base and driver board, not the single colour controller boards for CHR's project.

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I may have been in the wrong comment spot but its the rgb board ive been referring to still don't see the justification for 84.99$ plus 22.00$ shipping bare no circuits. the problem I have is you are posting on a site that's about sharing of ideas and info. open source type things then you bring in a project that revolves around people buying and only being able to buy the base of the project from you at a ridiculous price

and just so we are clear im not mocking your abilities or your effort but I do think what you are doing is not very cool( im referring to overpricing a bare circuit board ) if what you said before about not being able to produce the layout on your own is true why didn't you give that guy a download of it anyway so they could see for themselves what would it hurt if it cant be reproduced in any conventional way

and there are complete kits for under 30$ including leds circuits and pcb complete kits for the single leds I get your board is much more intricate but not that much more that a bare board would need to be over 80 $ I seriously doubt you are paying over 60$ per to justify the cost if you were it would be understandable but im sure its well under 20$ per

so don't give me talk about surface area come on im not trying to be a d**k and talk trash but you see the point im getting at right?

Yes, I see that you are getting at you have done zero research into what it costs to produce a small run of a board this size. I understand you haven't even looked into it, and thus have no idea what you are mouthing off about. GO AND GET QUOTES on fabricating a board this size - then come back. If you can get them done for $20 a piece in quantities of 10 or less, I'll gladly switch to whatever company in the universe offers that, and I will reduce my selling price accordingly. until then, STFU.

Don't forget to include the "setup fees" which can range depending on the company of up to $250 - and that's before you even produce ONE board !!!!

Please note that after ebay and paypal take their cuts, I am only getting just over $70 from the product sold at $84.99. You may also want to look into the software costs, which I didn't even factor into the equation

Don't forget the shipping too - these boards are not light and a typical shipment costs $70 to $120 depending on the quantity JUST to get them here from the fabricator.