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  • TalhaA13 commented on omersiar's instructable Arduino RC522 RFID Door Unlock2 years ago
    Arduino RC522 RFID Door Unlock

    HI, I am new person. I want to do one thing with the Arduino. I have Arduino , 2 Relay , 2 RFID card and display screen you suggest me. I am trying to do one Arduino read my first RFID card he display number number on the display and turn on the relay for 15 second. And display the numbers 1 one the display board. When scan my first card again he again turn on the relay for 15 sec and count the number and that number display it. For exp i show card 4 time then he show number 4 on the display. Now when i scan my 2nd RFID card Arduino trun on my 2nd realy for 5 second and display that number how on 2nd display. So he also cont it . Can some one help me. in this matter. I am new in .

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