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  • TallTrav commented on offseid's instructable The Incredible Flying Paper Tube3 months ago
    The Incredible Flying Paper Tube

    We used to make a plane of similar design in high school. We would fold the paper in half, on the diagonal, so the fold ran the paper between the opposite corners. Then you give it some weight by folding it every 1 cm or 1/2 inch until you got the weight you wanted for the leading edge, like yours. Tuck the long ends into each other and you were done. We called them "Pope Hats" or "Catholic Freedom Fighters". The christian brothers who taught us had a laugh.

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  • TallTrav commented on ericsnis's instructable Size Markings for Wrenches and Sockets6 months ago
    Size Markings for Wrenches and Sockets

    I'm a repair tech for medical equipment. Went through a whole 5S (workplace organisation process thing) recently. I was in charge of doing the tooling (organisation, purchasing, storing etc) so I did this to the sockets and wrenches. My boss didn't like it. The techs loved it. The boss threw a fit and had me clean it all off the tooling. When he retires, it's the first thing I'm doing. Some folks will never change...lol.

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  • TallTrav commented on makendo's instructable Easy 3D topographical maps6 months ago
    Easy 3D topographical maps

    The Challenger Relief Map. This was the first (and favourite) topographical map that I remember as a kid. This was at the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver BC, Canada. It was huge and is in real danger of being destroyed. Keep up the good work!http://basementgeographer.com/megamaps-in-peril-part-ii-the-challenger-relief-map-of-british-columbia/

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  • TallTrav commented on jʎɐɹ-ɾ's instructable Mashed Potato Biscuits1 year ago
    Mashed Potato Biscuits

    Local Guy Makes Great Murphy Muffins... Nice job!

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