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  • TallTrav commented on ericsnis's instructable Size Markings for Wrenches and Sockets3 months ago
    Size Markings for Wrenches and Sockets

    I'm a repair tech for medical equipment. Went through a whole 5S (workplace organisation process thing) recently. I was in charge of doing the tooling (organisation, purchasing, storing etc) so I did this to the sockets and wrenches. My boss didn't like it. The techs loved it. The boss threw a fit and had me clean it all off the tooling. When he retires, it's the first thing I'm doing. Some folks will never change...lol.

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  • TallTrav commented on makendo's instructable Easy 3D topographical maps3 months ago
    Easy 3D topographical maps

    The Challenger Relief Map. This was the first (and favourite) topographical map that I remember as a kid. This was at the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver BC, Canada. It was huge and is in real danger of being destroyed. Keep up the good work!http://basementgeographer.com/megamaps-in-peril-part-ii-the-challenger-relief-map-of-british-columbia/

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  • TallTrav commented on jʎɐɹ-ɾ's instructable Mashed Potato Biscuits1 year ago
    Mashed Potato Biscuits

    Local Guy Makes Great Murphy Muffins... Nice job!

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