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    Courtesy: The Ultimate Life Hack

    i find this very interesting and important. I do think the cultural sensitivity about eye contact is something to be aware of. In some cultures -- including some Native American culture-- there are social mores about whom you look in the eye and whom you don't, especially when communicating with one's elders or a respected figure such as a teacher. To look an elder straight in the eye can be bold or rude. N Likewise, experiencing someone not looking you in the eye as being rude may actually be a sign of respectSimilarly, I teach kids to pay attention to whether someone is Mrs., Ms., or Miss.. It drives me nuts that so manypeople in the community where I now live don't know how to call me by my correct title. I am married but did not take my husband's last name, so neither Miss nor Mrs. Is correct.I find the addressing people by their name to be hard ti do with my multiple sclerosis and its effect on word retrieval and other memory functions. But this makes me want to work harder at it again.Thank you for posting this!

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