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  • TanyaR24 commented on EldonMartin's instructable How to build a simple rabbit hutch2 years ago
    How to build a simple rabbit hutch

    If this is for all day outside use, I think it needs a piece of plyboard on top so the rabbit can sit in the shade in an open area with ventilation. Because rabbits really don't do well in hot sun or heat. Wild Rabbits really go underground in the heat of the day in burrows where its cool so sun on a hot day isn't good for them.

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  • TanyaR24 commented on HeatherP2's instructable Super great A-frame rabbit hutch!2 years ago
    Super great A-frame rabbit hutch!

    Those hutches really need an area with shade. Rabbits go underground where it is cool in the afternoon and do not do well with heat. In the summertime the bunnies in those hutches would be either in the hot sun or they would go into the enclosed part for shade but it would get really hot in the enclosed part- like the inside of a car. Rabbit hutches need areas that are in the shade but open ventilation to keep cool. In summer in the afternoon if I go to see my rabbits they are all under the hutch in the shade where it is cool, sleeping.

    I think if you use the proper thicker guage wire for the bottom of the cages, and your bunnies have properly furred feet on the bottom, that wire is actually better than solid flooring. I think the exception is rex rabbit that don't have as much fur on bottom of feet and small rabbits like netherland dwarf whose feet are to small and go through the wires. I do think its nice for people to but a comfy resting mat in the cages though.

    Would also like to add— I think, depending on where sun rises and sets some peices of plyboard could be put on the top of the outside area so they always have a spot of outdoor shade to lay in but still get air blowing through.

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