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  • Tardog commented on scoochmaroo's instructable How to Cut & Sew Faux Fur1 year ago
    How to Cut & Sew Faux Fur

    Absolutely a walking foot, my old Pfaff with it's built-in walking foot was incredible. My new Viking 930, I just bought the walking foot - expensive. But I wish I'd bought it 2 months ago! The faux fur was awful to handle and is turning out ugly - good enough to wear for Walmart ;o). I'm at the hemming, but I'm not sure how to handle this part, so I checked into this site to hopefully figure it out....GigiJ

    Just wrote, but wanted to mention an incredible little tool, it let's you get right up to the needle to help with many awkward thing. I discovered it months ago on amazon, thinking it might be a stupid gadget, now I do can't do without it. It's called The Purple Thang; it's only a few bucks, but makes sewing just a little easier.

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