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Aug. 30, 2015
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  • How to Eat Like a King on Your Next Backpacking Trip

    Awesome Instructable mate. Thank you for giving me some great ideas for my next big trip. Cheers.

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  • Personal First Aid Kit for Hostile Environments

    Hi Alex, I totally agree. Being an Aussie I love a good BBQ, and by all accounts a Braai is pretty awesome. Thanks again mate.Nate.

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  • Personal First Aid Kit for Hostile Environments

    Absolutely amazing Instructable. Your work is always exemplary and I always save your Instructables for future reference. Looking at doing some extra training in First Aid/Paramedic so I am able to use this kit effectively (I work in Law Enforcement in Australia). Thank you for taking the time to use your skills and training to enighten us as to the importance of these skills.

    You are most welcome Alex. South Africa is a bit of a trip, but may be worth the trip as I have friends there. I am actually in a Metropolitan area, but with the spread of terrorism and active shooters of late, I believe that any a\environment has the potential to turn hostile. Many thanks for your recommendation of the course I will definitely look into it. Love your Facebook page as well. Cheers,Nate

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