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Puzzledd4 years ago
Hi TeacherChair, thanks for subscribing. I'm thinking of doing an 'ible on making reading games but haven't had time...check out my websites if you like for free resources/ideas/games: www.ePuzzlEd.net and www.free-fun-games.com :)
Happy teachalating!
TeacherChair (author)  Puzzledd4 years ago
Your projects look great. I'm noticing a lack of teachery stuff, though. Don't wait on that reading games 'ible. Put it into the Teacher Contest before January 30th. Shouldn't be too hard with all those websites you've already got under your belt. :)
Thanks for the suggestion...hadn't thought about the contest. I do hope to get some more 'ibles done in the holidays, but don't know how much demand there is for teaching reading topics (I spent AGES on my mini-book one but it hasn't had much attention).
I'll give it some thought, though :)
Good projects like that, ones without an immediate attention-grabbing title or main image, do better over time as they're discovered through search. Plus, a contest is a good place to put projects that you feel deserve some more attention.
That's a good point, Wilgubeast - thanks!
Hi Teacherchair,
Thanks. I have many 'ibles going on, too many actually, hope we get them done soon!
Can't wait to see yours.
TeacherChair (author)  collegecultivator4 years ago
Awesome! Will you be entering any into the contests? I'm working on one for the teacher contest that uses laser-cut magnets to make a content-area vocabulary game.
No I don't think so.
terribug4 years ago
Hey, TC! Thank you for the follow! As soon as I can, I will be posting an 'ible about study bracelets. Very cool if you work with any non-traditional learners (my specialty!).
TeacherChair (author)  terribug4 years ago
I'm looking forward to that one. I've never heard of a study bracelet, but my mind's racing to guess what one might be: a passive study aid with important formulae, facts, or figures printed on one's wrist? A prayer-bead/abacus deal to keep track of place values? Post soon so my curiosity can be sated.