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    Water Heater Controller / Scheduler

    Has anyone knowledge of how to build your own second 12V water heating element? A water boiler on 220V consumes a lot and I have got a solar panel. The boiler has a space for a second heating element. That second one can run on 12V. But that one needs a thermostat of its own I guess. Is there any way that these elements and thermostat can be build?

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    LEDs for Beginners

    Yes buy a 2 or 3 metre led strip 60 leds per metre and a strip of wood same length. get a 12V converting device and connect to strip. stick strip to wood. place in corner of room from bottom to top then you do not have to worry about fixings.

    O the 12 V converter usually comes with the strip but it does pay off looking for them seperate as you can really save a couple of dollars on it that way. Do not buy the strip only if you have not found the converter yet. Do not use longer strips or they will fail after a while. Strips can be cut to length where it has the little scissors on the strip. connect plus to plus and minus to minus on the strip.

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  • Make An Simple Motion Sensor Light! (PIR)

    Dear instructableinstructors, I really enjoy reading all your posts. I have a question. I have build the strangest 9V solar panel all by myself (18 cells of 0.5V ) and it has no diodes or anything attached yet. How would I be able to actually use this solar panel in combination with pir motion sensors and 10W led lights to create a soft sheen glow on the path leading to the house when you pass the pir sensors. I have the solar panel idle for 3 years now. I have 5 pir sensors and I have ordered 50 of the 1N4007 diodes, rechargable 1.2V batteries, nothing else yet. What would I need to make this work? The panel is made of the following cells: I managed to not break 18 and put these together inside glass box with mains type wire comming out the back) 100pcs 3.9 - 4W 0.5V solar cells polycrystalline 156x156mm with 2 busbar, 17-17% efficiency.

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