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  • Telnix commented on Meglymoo87's instructable 18 Unusual Uses for School Glue1 year ago
    18 Unusual Uses for School Glue

    In the 60's it was all the rage to make lampshades out of baling twine (hairy string). After soaking in the glue/water mix, you would wrap it around a balloon overlapping to form a sphere. Whendry, pop the balloon leaving a lampshade!

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  • Telnix commented on JosephR25's instructable Homemade Before-You-Go Toilet Spray1 year ago
    Homemade Before-You-Go Toilet Spray

    It needs to be fine spray, I think. I use the oil sprays you get for cooking/olive oil to spray pans with. They are well-made and I wash thoroughly and spray some alcohol through it to clean the tube and nozzle out. Great.Also, I had some old essential oil bottles hanging around with just a bit in each. I used them all up in an exciting blend. You never know what you'll get!! I would have thrown them otherwise.

    I have made this and it's very good. It is comforting to know it doesn't have any "nasties" in it too.

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  • Telnix commented on RiceYummy's instructable How to Make Clear Slime (Borax)1 year ago
    How to Make Clear Slime (Borax)

    Just to bear clear. Borax is used in cockroach-killing powder. "giving them a handful and letting them run off and play" rather contradicts "not let them use it without an adult watching them" doesn't it?

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