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    Street Kitty Rescue Kit

    Hi I have rescued over 50 cats and a few dogs and have talked to a few animal organizations and one thing they told me is always cover the carrier you put them in with a towel or blanket so they can't see out as it helps calm the animal down and it does work. Also I would never call my animal control which is the same thing as the local pound because they put the animals to sleep within 3-7 days if no one shows up to adopt them. I would always ask any animal pound, shelter etc... if they are no kill shelters because unfortuanately they don't advertise this you have to ask . We have both in our area . Just wouldn't want people to call their animal control thinking they are helping it find a home when they should call a no kill animal shelter instead. I agree with the hardcase carrier as some might pee etc.. if they are scared so several towels would be good too to have on hand for those accidents.

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