I am a male in my late 50s from the UK I love making items for Charity, I have made approx 200 shopping/tote bags plus other item for 2 local Charities. I am also lead volunteer for a men in sheds project, we get together once a week and make items from wood, it a group to help men that have lost confidence and self esteem, to try and rebuild some of that and to try and lead a more normal life
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    DIY Backpack

    Your very welcome, I will take some pictures of how I do it soon, just so its clear, although I have not made a back pack, I have made several 100 tote/shopping bags for charity and that's the way I make the handles, which are of course shorter, but you can still do it for longer straps

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    DIY Backpack

    ooops sorry that should have read "strap,plus an extra"

    Nice bag. An idea for when making straps is to cut the fabric twice as wide as you want the strap plus and extra 15-20 mm. cut a cardboard template twice as wide as you want the strap, place in centre of fabric and fold sides over and iron, either that or mark a fold line and iron. Once all sides are folded then fold in half and iron again keeping the edges in line. Then sew down both sides and if you want some extra lines of stitching down the middle. Terry

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