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KadeemGarrent6 months ago

Impressive dude

Cool Idea..
what i wanted to ask was is the Tape reusable?, and how long does the tape last?

Terranan4 years ago
Hey man, is this what you're name is from?
arpoky Terranan3 years ago
That could be one origin. However, Tetranitratoxycarbon is too thermally unstable to be used.
I found two other possible origins for his username:
It turns out that "Tetranitrate" is a component of many highly-explosive compounds.
Tetranitrate (author)  arpoky3 years ago
Yup, my namesake comes from PETN.
Dude. I watched your video on flash powder. You are a moron. 70% perchlorate and 30%u Al? Dont say u know burn rates of fuse and then not know anything else. First off... burn rates of fuse are labeled on fuse. Second 3:7 is much different than 30% to 70%. Flash is not just a bright light and smoke unconfined. Stop tellin people how to do stuff on here before u kill someone. Proper flash unconfined is as powerful as tnt if it weighs as little as 4 oz! Yes. If someone does what u say. Makes it correctly. And blows themself up u can be in trouble. Go to school for chemistry and learn how to do this kind of thing properly! Furthermore. The batfe says flash is ILLEGAL! go get you class 20 license abd do thinga right before you kill yoyrself abd otherz from lack of knowledge
jstoner5 years ago
So I was admiring your laser tattoos, and wondering if they lasted. I just got access to a laser cutter, and I was thinking about doing it, but if they don't last it doesn't seem worth the pain.
I want to know too!
Can I volunteer to be your groupie? Haha, I love your thoroughness. And who doesn't like a guy with a dangerous side?
RedFlash6 years ago
If you like stuff that blows up, take a look at This. I just made it. Unfortunately, there will be no updates to the program because the guy that made it killed the website where it was hosted
dla8886 years ago
InstructableIdea/Question: How do you make colored smoke?
 Melt KNO3 and Sugar together in a soultion and boil it, once it is a peanut buttery substance, add organic dye of whatever color you need.
More details on organic dye, please.
 Food coloring usually works, but for red, strontium nitrate, for blue, copper sulfate, for yellow, barium nitrate. But If you cant get those chemicals, use food coloring.
 I'm sorry, please disregard that. I did some research and food coloring will not work. Use synthetic indigo or aniline based dye. Both are found in craft or hobby shops.