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  • Th3rdsun commented on meowmeowxyz's instructable 3D Eiffel Tower with Laser Cuter3 months ago
    3D Eiffel Tower with Laser Cuter

    This looks awesome. I would love to make one of these. Is there any way you could save it as an AI file?

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  • Th3rdsun commented on EduardoG30's instructable Paper Holder4 months ago
    Paper Holder

    Hey,tried to open the cdr file with two different versions of Coreldraw and it won't open.

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  • Th3rdsun commented on cartonus's instructable How-to: Laser engraving photo4 months ago
    How-to: Laser engraving photo

    I do a lot of engraving on acrylic on a Trotec Speedy 300,and I use a different method. I don't even bother taking out the backgrounds(personal choice). My first step it to convert to grayscale,then I go 300 for the resolution,then I go to adjustments>brightness/contrast and usually make both of those 25,but this can change depending on the picture.Next I go filter>sharpen>unsharp mask. I usually go amount-500%, radius-3,and keep threshold at 0.I don't even convert to bitmap,I just save it as one. The laser settings are definitely going to depend on your laser,and from what I understand,that goes for each individual laser even if they are the exact same model.I'll have to get some wood and try out your settings. Thanks.

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  • Th3rdsun commented on Trotec Laser Canada's instructable Laser Marking Samurai Swords9 months ago
    Laser Marking Samurai Swords

    We have a the Speedy 300(I'm actually sitting right next to it as I type) and I know that it was only about $24K according to my bosses.The only thing is that I wouldn't be able to fit a full sized kitana into my machine.

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