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  • Th3rdsun commented on jkmoule's instructable Laser Cut Desk Nameplate4 months ago
    Laser Cut Desk Nameplate

    I've made quite a few desk nameplates and I never thought about making the tabs one the legs that way. I'll have to try it like that next time. looks like it would make fitment easier.One thing I personally do though is to engrave reverse,second surface so that you are looking though the acrylic to read the name. I just like the way that looks better.

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  • How to Cook a Perfect Double Cheese Burger

    How to cook the perfect double cheeseburger? Add bacon. The end.Just kidding (but not really),it does look delicious.

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  • Laser-cut Laptop Stickers for MacBook and PC (6 Free Designs)

    Point # 4 says "High performance, 2-mil, white, non-PVC vinyl film with a luster finish". Don't know where you see it says it's not vinyl. I have a roll of it here at work,and it's kinda tricky to print on,but it's completely safe.It's not the vinyl per se that's poisonous. It's the chlorine in the PVC. Not only is it poisonous to people,but it's also corrosive to your laser cutter. So no matter the ventilation system you have,you should NEVER laser cut anything containing PVC,i.e.,most pressure sensitive vinyls and Sintra.

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  • Th3rdsun commented on meowmeowxyz's instructable 3D Eiffel Tower with Laser Cuter11 months ago
    3D Eiffel Tower with Laser Cuter

    This looks awesome. I would love to make one of these. Is there any way you could save it as an AI file?

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  • Th3rdsun commented on EduardoG30's instructable Paper Holder1 year ago
    Paper Holder

    Hey,tried to open the cdr file with two different versions of Coreldraw and it won't open.

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  • Th3rdsun commented on cartonus's instructable How-to: Laser engraving photo1 year ago
    How-to: Laser engraving photo

    I do a lot of engraving on acrylic on a Trotec Speedy 300,and I use a different method. I don't even bother taking out the backgrounds(personal choice). My first step it to convert to grayscale,then I go 300 for the resolution,then I go to adjustments>brightness/contrast and usually make both of those 25,but this can change depending on the picture.Next I go filter>sharpen>unsharp mask. I usually go amount-500%, radius-3,and keep threshold at 0.I don't even convert to bitmap,I just save it as one. The laser settings are definitely going to depend on your laser,and from what I understand,that goes for each individual laser even if they are the exact same model.I'll have to get some wood and try out your settings. Thanks.

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  • Th3rdsun commented on Trotec Laser Canada's instructable Laser Marking Samurai Swords1 year ago
    Laser Marking Samurai Swords

    We have a the Speedy 300(I'm actually sitting right next to it as I type) and I know that it was only about $24K according to my bosses.The only thing is that I wouldn't be able to fit a full sized kitana into my machine.

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