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Seeing as you spammed my orangeboard, I shall now spam yours :-)

The KNex Weasel (author)  I_am_Canadian7 years ago
How did I spam your orangeboard? People tell others about their things all the time. Anyway, cool ball machine.
LoL, I was just pointing out that you posted links to your stuff on my orangeboard, so I'd do the same to you... Just witty way of starting a conversation that failed. :-(
The KNex Weasel (author)  I_am_Canadian7 years ago
Hey, it's all right. I got no problem with you showing me ball machines you've built. I'm just still getting used to being back on this site, so I'm trying to get used to everyone's personalities again.
You should make another small ball machine to post on here.
I'll be posting another ball machine, but it's probably not going to be small. I'll see what I can do afterward, though.
You know that ball machine I told you about a while ago? I took it apart and just posted the lift device. Click on my name to see it!
The KNex Weasel (author)  I_am_Canadian8 years ago
I've seen. Thanks, dude.
zzgs8 years ago
oh! i think your weasel picture is so cute!
The KNex Weasel (author)  zzgs8 years ago
Thank you. I think it is, too.

my interests are the same!!!

I hope you meant you like my avatar when you said that.