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¡Me encantan esos diseños!

AndrewM195 days ago

i have some questions about the micro metal forge thingy. namely, where to obtain firebrick, and how to make sure you dont get any residual metal sticking to the forge.

ScottyW12 months ago

so how did you make the mold for the sword?


its called foam molding you put a carved piece of Styrofoam into a bucket of sand with a small piece still sticking out then pour the molten metal on top of it and as the molten metal melts the styrofoam it takes the shape and bam you have your aliminum or brass or whatever mold

I was going to ask the same question!!

My younger brother loves your youtube channel when I told him you had a instructable account he was so excited.

PashaK4 months ago

I like the vid

jamie w8 months ago

coffee creamer and gun powder works well

Grrrr... why did it take so long for me to follow you :), well its never too late :). Thank you for posting such awesome projects.

-JMS-1 year ago

Can u make rocket fuel with kitchen items other than KNO3?

no, you really cant make pyrotechnics without it and only stump remover works because of its high KNO3 level

You can use sodium chlorate or gun powder mixed with some stuff.

you mean black powder with charcoal dust and fertilizer?

no with sodium chlorate, that's NaClO3, when mixed with singe is more powerful than potassium nitrate, or KNO3. When I talk of gunpowder, I mean that you mix it with aluminum powder, to make flash fireworks. -BOOM-

we were talking about rocket fuel, not fire works. but i haven't heard that. i've read a lot of rocket books and found a lot of formulas, but this was not one of them.