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AlexAndAmigos3 months ago

by the way, I love all your stuff

NormReitzel8 months ago

I'm an engineer and chemist by profession, recently retired. Came across your videos, they are marvelous, most excellent production talents. It's nice to see people making youtube videos who have some skills. Great Job.

lukesjette9 months ago

he is

Are you that cooooool guy on Youtube!?

EribeyL10 months ago

Hi i realy like your projects sum times i make them an i fell but i try and im only eleven years old

pcanywii11 months ago

Hey Grant! I am a massive fan, and have convinced many of my friends to subscribe to you on YouTube. I am in the sixth grade, and I do not have access to a lot of the chemicals you and many other youtubers like you use. I like that you show an alternate method to quite a few things, and I really hope you enjoy this! I made the ninja balls, and they worked great with water balloons! Me and my friend made them and we only had two layers, so we decided to pick it up a notch; FIRECRACKERS!!!!!!!! It was awesome! I hope you see this Grant, and enjoy!

VincentZ31 year ago

i followed you from everywhere

Where can I purchase 3/4 inch acrylic balls as featured in your "One-Way Check Valve" video?

I liked your candy cannon video what if you were to make the barrel bigger and you could put tennis balls into it for practicing game

santa5051 year ago

your the best. i love the blowgun and sugar rockets.

I love the king of random on youtube and instructables!!! Youre awsome! Plus you should make more videos about melting metal and aluminium.

I love his videos too!

redneck4441 year ago

I love the ninja balls

PratikS41 year ago

you're Awesome. Iam a HUGE fan! I love your LASER ASSISTED BLOWGUN & MINI METAL FOUNDRY.love every things that you make.

You're Awesome. I am a HUGE fan! I love your pirotechnics and I hope to someday be able to make things as good as you.