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-JMS-2 months ago

Can u make rocket fuel with kitchen items other than KNO3?

no, you really cant make pyrotechnics without it and only stump remover works because of its high KNO3 level

You can use sodium chlorate or gun powder mixed with some stuff.

you mean black powder with charcoal dust and fertilizer?

no with sodium chlorate, that's NaClO3, when mixed with singe is more powerful than potassium nitrate, or KNO3. When I talk of gunpowder, I mean that you mix it with aluminum powder, to make flash fireworks. -BOOM-

we were talking about rocket fuel, not fire works. but i haven't heard that. i've read a lot of rocket books and found a lot of formulas, but this was not one of them.

with that thought, do you have NaCIO3 in your kitchen? you said out of kitchen items. im also pretty sure you dont carry aluninum powder around the kitchen

You do carry aluminum in your kitchen, alum. It Dosent work like real aluminum powder, but it is mostly aluminum(actually it rodent work at all). Sodium chlorate will be found in the same place as potassium nitrate. The garage.

-JMS- -JMS-4 days ago

not rodent ,dosent

hadn't thought of that. also, what exactly is sodium chlorate found in?

please make video tutorial on "How to record video of project while doing "

Becoz i like your video .... :)

could you make a "summer life hacks part two" ? they save me a lot of trouble during the summer. could you also make some workshop ideas? i love building and am running out of ideas.

i liked your old introduction when you say the "the king of random". could you switch back from the flames?

Pigeonboy031 month ago

You are one of the best Grant ;)! Keep up the good work!

triumphman1 month ago

Those Micrwave capacitors can KILL ! A service technician got killed by accident when he got grounded testing a microwave capacitor. You should make it very clear to the inexperienced and young people who mess with the insides of Microwaves. I would hate to see someone killed by one of these! Could you make it in red big letters! You may save a life! It looked like that Microwave was working. I guess you just wanted the parts, not a Micro. to cook with. I have found three nice ones that do not work. So many parts to test, I just don't have the time or patients to test them. Then the parts are hard to find and expensive ! Parts are all I can scrounge like you! Someone made a welder from parts. Love your stuff. Keep them coming!


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