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The Fishfrog (author) 4 years ago
Fishfrog27-The Fishfrog
The Fishfrog (author) 4 years ago
Hello everyone. You probably know already that i have had a break from instructables but soon i will be back. The mario kart wii guide will be finished and my new knex energy sword will be revealed!
Tornado964 years ago
Please finish your guide to mariokart wii. :-D
The Fishfrog (author) 5 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
I don't understand how badmouthing the PS3 and it's owners will "...end the whole war of the consoles..." In fact, you are only enticing more argument. Although I agree with what you said about the Wii.  Considering that you do not own a PS3, I feel that you do not  possess the authority to speak on behalf of its owners and the console itself just I do not possess the authority to speak on behalf of the 360 and its owners.  I also disagree with your statement that the Xbox 360 is "for QUALITY online unlike ps3 which is unreliable." because it is entirely based on opinion and is not true. To my knowledge, The Ps3's internet connection is just as reliable as the 360's and any connection problems would usually be linked to the individual themselves rather than the network as a whole.
The Fishfrog (author)  Fizzxwizz5 years ago
Well, my friend lent me his ps3 for a week and i found that the connection (which was the same connection as the xbox360) was worse than the xbox. Also, I like putting my point out so people like you can see and agree or disagree with them. Back to the connection....  I find that yes, it is opinion and it might just have been that on that week, my internet was a bit bad...  But anyway, Thank you for giving me some feedback.
The Fishfrog (author) 5 years ago
Tomorrow, it will be 2 years since i have joined What a great and friendly place! If any Instructable Moderators is reading this, Thank you! This website is great!
The Fishfrog (author) 5 years ago
I now have Call of duty 4 on wii!!!   Its EPIC!!!!
Arbitror5 years ago
Sorry, but your avatar isn't a cross bred fish and frog, it's a frog at the froglet stage.

The Fishfrog (author)  Arbitror5 years ago
Dude!! Number one: dont hurt my fishyfroggy feelings Number two: i know Number three: nice picture i might want to find it and use it. Number four: The stage between a frog and a tadpole and a frog is sometimes called a fishfrog and is also known as a froglet. Number five: jesus man why just comment on my channel and say that i am wrong? its not nice.......
The Fishfrog (author)  The Fishfrog5 years ago
My bad for number 4 btw.....
The Fishfrog (author) 6 years ago
Fishfrog27 now has call of duty waw on wii!!! So tell me if you would like to face me.
hey dude i have Call of Duty WaW to!, and mario cart!, what other games do you have?
The Fishfrog (author)  Shaznazabbadaz5 years ago
Brawl, and some games on xbox but read my bio to top left it says all the games i have.
sweet i have brawl to, can i add you as a friend for those games?, i might register your console to, i am also getting a 360, i will tell you when i get it