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tinker2344 years ago
i used to fight my interline demons but there gone know were on the same side now
also i was wondering about alternative methods to drugs i would like to explore my mind but i refuse drugs
steven677 years ago
A flute with no holes is not a flute and a doughnut with no hole is danish
The Mollusk (author)  steven676 years ago
Classic Caddyshack
steven677 years ago
Thee who eat jelly beans fart in technicolor
steven677 years ago
Thee who eat raisin brand have biggest toilet int the land
cmanatlan7 years ago
Have you ever been experienced? Not necessarily stoned, but beautiful...
The Mollusk (author)  cmanatlan7 years ago
I prefer to keep as much of my life private as possible, So you have my permission to assume anything and everything you want.
The Mollusk (author) 8 years ago
Please add your trippy sayings here, for example: Do as thy will, but not as the mushroom does. Please try to make them as demented as you can, another example: It puts the lotion of its tin, or else it gets the hose at ten.