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DJ Radio2 years ago

You still play COD?

TheDunkis (author)  DJ Radio2 years ago

I have Ghosts for PC. I've lost most interest. I'll hop on from time to time but don't play it as much.

yeah I figured. I don't play at all really, I just might make a rare edit for it.

I think you might be interested in: http://world.guns.ru/handguns/hg/usa/mpa_defender-e.html
Actually, I've held one... they are heavy.
Hey bro,

I am in the process of making a K'NEX gun replica ebook, and I am planning on featuring your UMP V.2 in it. Do you mind if I have it in the ebook? Also, do you mind if I have your user name as the name of the creator?
Please do. I've just been contemplating possibly updating it once again now that I have the pieces to make a stock so if you can edit it later, that'd be good. On that note, any other improvements you'd like to see?
Alright, thanks. You are considering modding your UMP? Sweet.
JonnyBGood3 years ago
Currently I built your Auto Chambering concept gun and I'm almost done with the basic function of it. I'll show you what I've come up with as soon as I'm done.
TheDunkis (author)  JonnyBGood3 years ago
Awesome, hope it worked out for you better than it did for me.
Well, funny you should mention that. I built your gun from the forum, adding a trigger mech, but I couldn't get it to function correctly. I realize that yours was built mostly for display of concept but it got the gears turning on how I could maybe make this work. If all goes well, I'll be able to try my new version of your concept knex war 2013 on the 24th but we'll see if all goes according to plan. (You what the chances are like for a concept to work correctly on your first attempt)
TheDunkis (author)  JonnyBGood3 years ago
The main problem with my design is that it's essentially trying to load and shoot a piece of ammo at the same time. The trick is getting around that.
Yep, that's my problem too. I tried maybe three different ideas on how to do this. I'm shelfing the idea for now but this idea has always been on my mind.
Hey bro,

I was just reading some posts on one or two different threads on the forums when I had this idea. What is someone (me, duh) were to make a lever action machine gun that did not have a trigger. What I mean by "did not have a trigger" is that it has no object or lever that the user would have to pull to make it shoot.

If you look at the picture below you will see a very "crappy" image ( I did not take the time to make it good). The image below is a picture of the MG I have in mind. This MG would be lever action automated, and would have no trigger because every time you push the lever back into the "rest position", it moves the block from the pin, and thus, lets the pin hit the rounds out of the hopper.

With this idea, you would be able to still get really good range with an MG that requires no trigger. What do you think? I guess it is really not an MG, as it wont technically be full auto, but it will have a high ROF...

I would love to hear your honest opinion (as if you would give anything else). =D

-The Red Book of  Westmarch
Lever Action Machinegun.bmp