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TheFoofinator (author) 4 years ago
Bathe in the epicness:
JonnyBGood10 months ago

Thanks for subscribing!

Thanks for subscribing!
Blue Mullet2 years ago
I had no idea that you were still around. Thanks for subscribing!
Thanks for the sub man! Is there something you like that I've made?
everything! I just realised I've not ever subbed you (though I'm 100% sure I had). Just came back on here after a bit of a break from exam revision.
Oh, ok then.
Hi there! I wish you a merry Christmas, and a spectacular New Year!
Thanks for subbing!
Foofinator look at my full auto gun
DJ Radio2 years ago

Lol hit me up on youtube man.
TheFoofinator (author)  DJ Radio2 years ago
Lol, ikr? I've been super busy with exams and being on Holiday for a few weeks in summer around England, so I didn't have much spare time, I don't have as much as I used to anyways, but I'll take a look at your vids right now.

Also Austron's Ball latest ball machines got 1.7 million views in 6 DAYS. I went on to look at it during a break, it was on 1.4, I come home, its on 1.7, now that's some good news in this community.
Haha you got skype? I'm literally on there 24/7. Even though I do montages now I haven't been on xbox in the longest time since July.
TheFoofinator (author)  DJ Radio2 years ago
Yep, but no webcam that works with it. I use to keep in contact with relatives who live away, I'll pm you my Skype name.
hay thefoofinator remember wen you post a comment on knexfreek360 full auto gun and you tried to build it well i did click on my name to see it