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  • TheGreatCoon commented on Railes's instructable Adult storm trooper Costume2 years ago
    Adult storm trooper Costume

    So I made a Suit out of Cardboard for the new movie it wasn't Beautiful but it worked for the night and still turned a few heads I used this as a great tool to reference for building it and it only took me about 2 days to do what I did have anyways I am building a better one over the next few weeks for Great Lakes Comic con and this will be used again thanks for posting this I really appreciate it

    I didn't use Resin when I put mine together I just formed cardboard to the shape that I wanted and super glued it all then I spray painted it and it worked fairly well obviously it only lasted for the day I needed it too it could have lasted longer if I hadn't chosen to tear it off but resin would be great for making it look more realistic like the movies

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