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Born 1971 from W-PA, red hair, blue eyes. Loves life, hot rods, antique vehicles & equipment, college student. Need to know anything else?
  • TheHerrDark commented on foconnorz's instructable Extremely Dangerous Hot Dog Cooker1 year ago
    Extremely Dangerous Hot Dog Cooker

    In the earlier episodes of CSI Grissom did it as an experiment, and he mentioned that is how he cooked hot dogs in college.YOU can buy them on eBay but there is a device called a HotDogger that sold millions and used this very same principal, it had prongs you set your hot dog on and you can cook I believe 6 at a time then you either closed the clamshell lid or pushed in a drawer(there were two designs), and they would fully heated the same amount of time of a microwave without the drying out or rubberizing of it. Plus you get a bit of the char flavor which I liked about them.

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  • 3D Printed MB Jeep and M416 Trailer in 1:10 Scale

    If you have some friends that have RC jeeps come up to the would love to see these models maybe talk to Playthings etc. to see about sponsoring a show for them.

    Nice job on the Jeep, being from Butler County, PA the Jeep is a bit special to us W-PA people. If ever interested the Bantam building is still there, right on Bantam Drive. And for the classic car guys the American Austin was built there before being reorganized into Bantam.

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  • TheHerrDark commented on Rachael K's instructable Folding Chevron Farm Table1 year ago
    Folding Chevron Farm Table

    I would probably give it a nice burn finish to it to give it an aged look to it, plus the burning actually hardens the surface of the pine wood. Here is an example of what I would do:

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