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skerzzz6 years ago
Hey, nice profile pic! i love reel big fish!
TFrosty7 years ago
You seem like a very knowledgeable person so my question is, will a 12 V 7amp battery charge faster is it is connected to a solar panel outputting more that 12V 7amp? If the battery is connected to a 12V 7amp charge controller, would the max input be 12V 7amp???
TheWelfareWarrior (author)  TFrosty7 years ago
Could you rephrase that into the form of a bagel? But in all seriousness, is it a 12v 7A or 7AH battery? The diffrence is the amount of electrons that the battery will hold vs. the maximum amount of draw... Also, is it a lead acid battery that we are talking about or a nickle/lithium technology?
its a 12V 7AH and its a lead acid battery
TheWelfareWarrior (author)  TFrosty7 years ago
well, ofcourse it would charge faster the more amps you put to it... But the problem becomes heat. Yes, its not a big deal to charge a car battery with 10 amps, but a smaller battery like that might make it "boil" more... I would recomend something below 7 amps to charge it. Most LA batterys really like a 2 amp trickle charge.
but if a charge controller is rated 12V 7A, the max input to the battery is 12V 7A. Right?
TheWelfareWarrior (author)  TFrosty7 years ago
not neccesairly, the charge controler can only HANDLE that much, it could possibly exceed that but it would fry. Depends on the controler. Buy a multimeter and test it. they are like 4 bucks at harborfreight...
FONtheCON8 years ago
Jeez... boring much? lawl. Just kidding, bro. We should totally go on a yard sale adventure soon... totally. Then we'll have all sorts of crap to tinker with.
TheWelfareWarrior (author)  FONtheCON8 years ago
hey, who's getting a free copy of the instructables book because he is awesome? me.
TheWelfareWarrior (author)  FONtheCON8 years ago
dude i posted an instructable

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